Watchmundi – Site Usage Agreement

The specificities of this document establish the terms of a legal contract for the use of the site broadcast by UT1 company (a division of Go & Go Design sprl). If you agree to consult the site, you accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of said contract. Should you not wish to be bound by the contract, you may not consult the site Please note that the specificities of the present contract are activated as soon as the user navigates the site

“UT1” designates the commercial signboard used by
“User” designates the internet user, visitor, registered member or advertiser conveying information about his brand(s).

Copyright and intellectual property
Use of the site gives the user no right to the intellectual property contained in this site. Thus, all texts, photos, information, advertisements, logos, brands and other features reproduced on the site are reserved and protected by the rights of brands and/or copyright and/or other dispositions in force applicable to the protection of intellectual property.
It is prohibited to reproduce, represent, publish, commercialise, alter, transfer, concede or create any works derived from all or part of any elements reproduced on the site and all or parts of the site in general, without previous and express authorisation of UT1 company. All illicit use of all or parts of the site (hijacking, conterfeiting etc) may entail prosecution in accordance with current laws.

Neither UT1 company or any of its management, executives may, in any circumstances, be held responsible for any acts of computer science piracy or be blamed for any damage or loss incurred by one or more users of the site The site in question may experience occasionnal breakdown. Programmation problems could arise following modification, updating or malfunction independant of the will of the administrative team. UT1 company may not be held responsible for any technical problems of any sort whatever, which affect the broadcasting of the site
UT1 company reserves the possibility to modify, to temporarily or permanently interrupt all or part of the said site, without previous notice or any compensation whatever to users. Under the terms and conditions of applicable laws and regulations, UT1 company may not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, notably but not comprehensively: loss of profit, loss of clientèle, loss of data, loss of ”intangible property”, incurred by the use of, or impossibility to use the site In particular UT1 company has no responsibility in case of piracy of the whole or part of the site and any damage thus incurred to you or a third party.

Links or hyperlinks
UT1 company authorises the setting up of a hypertext link targeting its content, subject to legal approval of UT1 company. UT1 company reserves the right to establish links with other sites or sources. As these sites are not under the management of UT1 the company declines all responsibility as to the nature or quality of the content of these sites. Furthermore UT1 cannot garantee the availibility of these sites and consequently may not be held responsible for any interruption, modification, suspension or suppression, should such an occasion arise.

Content of the site
Inspite of the greatest attention to the creation and updating of the site, UT1 company cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information it contains and declines all responsibility pertaining to the use of that information. UT1 authorises the user to utilize “dedicated spaces” to leave any comments and/or other information, which reflect solely the opinion of their authors. The internet user will use such information with discernment and a critical mind. The user acknowledges that he/she has first obtained the permission of any persons whose image is reproduced, and the permission of the holder of the rights to the goods/property reproduced in these “dedicated” spaces, with a view to broadcasting them on the site, and assumes the entire responsibility of said broadcast to third persons. UT1 may not be held responsible for any attack concerning rights to an image and rights to the intellectual property of the said third persons. Any “comments and/or other information” will be checked by the moderator prior to being broadcast. This means that any content published by the user will be directly visible and read by the moderators appointed by UT1. UT1 reserves the right , unconditional and without notice, to withdraw all or part of any comment which violates the current legislation in force or moral standards, moreover, we reserve the right to modify or suppress any comments contravening the spirit of the site, the subject of the article in question and all comments of an advertising nature. Consequently, UT1 company is released from all responsibility as regards any individual interpretations that the user may conceive. UT1 company declines all responsibility in the event of error, inaccuracy or omission affecting information. UT1 company may never, under any circumstances be held responsible for consequences or damage caused by information contained in the site UT1 is exempt from all responsibility as regards imprudent use of information giving rise to negative consequences for the user via the site

Guarantee of confidentiality
UT1 company is liable to obtain certain personal information about you. This information will be treated in accordance with the legislation in force. Any information obtained by UT1, that is to say family names, forenames, addresses and telephone numbers will be entered into the automated data files of UT1 company. This data may be used and processed by UT1 company in the administration of its inter-use relations, its fight against abuse, misuse and irregularity. This information may also be used for marketing purposes, for public relations and for commercial prospection by UT1 company and partners, subject to your approval. UT1 company will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all personal information remains protected at all times and that it will be accessible only to UT1 company authorised personnel and/or affiliated companies. Every internet user who has placed personal information on our site has the right in law to opposition, access and correction of this information.